Monday, October 08, 2012

Mount Diablo Challenge

Results of the Mount Diablo Challenge are out and I clocked 1:19:43.8 and stood at 437/607 participants. The timing for the leader was 47:08:06. I had wanted to do it under an hour but the practice and motivation were not enough to accomplish this.
Here are the results.

Friday, October 05, 2012

My Best Timings

Event/Activity Details Activity Type Timing Distance Date
Half Marathon in Hyderabad Running 1:55 hrs 21 km Nov 21, 2009
Half Marathon in San Francisco Running 2:20 hrs 21 km April 2008
Pagemill Climb (from Arastradero to Open Space Reserve) Cycling 0:54 hrs 7.2 mile May 2012
Mount Hamilton Climb (from Alum Rock Ave to the top) Cycling 2:01 hrs 17.84 mile Sep 30 2012
Mount Diablo Climb (from Athenian School to the top) Cycling 1:25 hrs 11.2 July 2012
Mount Diablo Climb (from Athenian School to the top) During the Mt. Diablo Challenge Cycling 1:19:43.8 hrs 11.2 07 Oct 2012
Saratoga Climb (from Pierce Road to the top) Cycling 0:46 hrs 17.84 mile 2012
Fremont School Pool in Sunnyvale Swimming - 260 mtr Oct 3, 2012

Monday, July 23, 2012

Analysis of 'Fight Club'

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Mount Diablo Challenge

I finally registered for the Mount Diablo Challenge. It's a tough task to climb 3,249 ft over 11.2 km under 1 hour. But I am taking the challenge. Have 3 months for preparation. Unfortunately because of the delay in registering I missed the first 2 waves.

Friday, June 08, 2012

Inability or Disinterest?

I dont know what it is?

Good in everyday life

I met this lady called Chris at a physical therapy office. She was very helpful and when I started a conversation with her regarding Anitha's PT sessions and the coming colorado ride, she started giving good advice borne out of her own experiences. And also about how it feels to have prepared a lot and not being able to ride because of some physical problem just before the ride. She talked nicely to me for a long time and I was wondering the why was she being so good taking out her office time and talking to just another customer. Her voice was genuine and it was not a trained customer service representative's voice. In this world where everybody seems to be so busy and pressed out for time (doing what?) somebody unknown taking time out for you is a scarcity. It humbles you when you receive good from unknown quarters of life. It adds strength to the belief that you can do good by small things in your daily life. You don't have to be a Mahatma.


"For too long we have been dreaming a dream from which we are now
waking up: the dream that if we just improve the socioeconomic
situation of people, everything will be okay, people will become
happy. The truth is that as the struggle for survival has subsided,
the question has emerged: survival for what? Ever more people today
have the means to live, but no meaning to live for." - Viktor E Frankl

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Irrepressible Desire

I had a desire. I kept pushing it to the wall but it would always come back after a brief hiatus. For various reasons I gave a blind eye to it, but it would never subside. Somebody said, that you cannot kill a desire, you only have to fulfill it.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

My Hero calls it a day

Rahul Dravid, my long-time hero and idol as a cricketer and a person, has retired from test cricket. The fact that I am blogging about it almost two days late, calls for some deep introspection.
Numerous articles have been written about the diligent, the hardworking, the gentleman, the true ambassador of the game, the quintessential wall. He knew what he was born for and he carried that duty to perfection. I remember reading this article about him, which compared the two geniuses: Sachin and Rahul. While Sachin was a gifted genius, Rahul was a self-made one. You could not become a Sachin, but you could aspire to become a Rahul, but it's extremely difficult for the same reason.
I was lucky to have seen him on couple of occasions. The class in his batting and his demeanor, can never be forgotten. In those early years, his batting caught my attention and I soon became his admirer and fan. I think it was not just his batting, but the way he performed on/off the field that drew me towards him. I have not been following cricket too-closely for quite some time, but if ever there was a desire to watch a match it was primarily to see him bat.

The fact that "The Hindu" carried a front-page section for his retirement speaks of his greatness. The title is 'Standing tall, ‘The Wall' bows out'.
Here's his retirement press conference :
Anybody who had contributed so much to cricket would have loved to have a farewell on the field, but he chose it inappropriate to do that considering that this decision was after the completion of a series and hanging in there for one last test for just this reason would be selfish. That's the person he is. I wish I will continue to hear of him from the press. I hope he would write an auto-biography one day so that I could peek into his life, but I am sure he will not do that. He's too modest to do something like that. Some people want to be nice, and some people are just nice.

Amul...too has reserved a billboard for this moment:-