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Let not the progression of Desire to Quest to Consummation... reach the stage of Greed.
Run, rabbit run.
Dig that hole, forget the sun,
And when at last the work is done
Don't sit down it's time to dig another one.


Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Bringing in Change

Just like there are two ways of designing software, there are also
two ways in which change can be bought in :-
- Top-down. This has a lot of impact and is very intrusive. A faster
way to bring-in change. There will be oppositions and revolutions
and without force or authority this cannot be done.
- Bottom-up. This is very non-intrusive. Instead of asking people
to change, can make them realize that what could be the benefits
of the change, and they would automatically change, once they
see the benefits. This is more durable, but would take a longer
time. No force or authority is required in this case. This is how
the companies like Infosys, Wipro, TCS bought the IT revolution
in India. Only after the successes of these companies did the
government start building STPIs, giving away land and other
infrastructural support to this sector and some other financial

Who am I?

I am zilch. My role gives me identity. My sole objective is to
worship my role. Worship in the true sense.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Verses from Gita - 3.27

प्रक्रितेह् क्रियमानानि गुनैहि कर्मानि सर्वशह्
अहन्कारविमुदात्मा कर्ताहमिति मन्यते

అహన్కారము యొక్క్ ప్రభావముచె కలత్ నోన్దిమ్పబదిన జివాత్మ
నిజముగ భౌతిక ప్రక్రితి యొక్క త్రిగునములచె చెయబదిన కర్మలకు తానె కర్తనని భావిన్చును.
(Translated by P.C Bhaktivedaanta Swamy (ISKCON founder))

Purpose of Life - All the world's a stage

All the world's a stage,
And all the men and women merely players:
They have their exits and their entrances;
And one man in his time plays many parts
- William Shakespheare (from As You Like It)

I heard this many a times, but it is now that I have come to see
relevance of this quote in all our lives. If we go by the quote and
assume that the world is a stage and we are all actors, then there are
some questions that arise and some ideas that we can infer from that
- What should be the aim of the actors (meaning us)? The aim of the
actors is ONLY to play the role as best as possible. And this is the
only objective of the person. The individual should put all his efforts
to make the best performance. Does this mean that the people who play
the bad roles have to be as bad as possible, because their role demands that?
But shouldn't I know the script to play my role well ?
- There are both good and bad roles. Gandhiji said "Hate the crime
and not the criminal". This is very apt. An individual might be
playing multiple roles simultaneously. So if the individual has
to play one bad role, then it doesn't mean that the individual
is to be hated because of that role. Valmiki was a hunter in his early
life. If this was believed then a thief/rebel would be accepted into
the society very easily, than the way it is now.
- Which are the real roles and which are manufactured/fake roles?
- How do I know what my actual role is?
- It's the role that is important and not the one who is playing it. This
is a very important inference, because if each one of us assimilates
this then there will not be any vanity. Everybody who plays his role,
would be given the respect no matter how supposedly small/insignificant
role that he is playing. Individuals who are achievers or considered
to be successful, often have lot of vanity, because they think that it
is they who had achieved this all by themselves. But this is not true.
It's the circumstances (or the role) that have brought them there.
Rather, it's the role that is great and not the person. All the
individual did was to play his role to his best and ofcourse he should
be applauded for doing that. The individual should not forget that,
the role that he played could have been played by somebody else too.
If not Mahatma Gandhi somebody else,
If not Nathuram Godse somebody else,
If not Bhagat Singh somebody else,
If not Sachin Tendulkar somebody else,
If not Rahul Dravid somebody else,
If not Abraham Lincoln somebody else,
If not Einstien somebody else,
If not Hitler somebody else,
If not Lance Armstrong somebody else,
If not Narayan Murthy somebody else,
If not Mother Theresa somebody else,
If not Norman Borlaug somebody else,
If not Verghese Kurien somebody else,
If the people see the distinction between the role and the actor, then
they would not set the goal to be Sachin Tendulkar but rather to be a
great batsmen. Unfortunately the society gives more importance to the
actor than the role as the role is very abstract and it doesn't have
any existence.
[There's a lot of relevance in the workplace. Once people realize that
it's the goal that matters and that all their roles are created to
achieve that goal, and their only objective is to play their roles
to perfection then they would compare their performances and not
their compensations. They would not care about recognitions and
Service above self. (Put the quote in hindi -- seva parmodharma).
If people realize that it is their role in the larger goal that is
important, people would cooperate with each other in working towards
the goal inspite of their differences. Leander Paes and Mahesh Bhupathi
would have continued playing together, if they would have realized this,
if they would have understood that the individual should yield to the
larger goal.
- Every role has significance. Just like the character of the (almost
completely disconnected) squirrel in the "Ice Age 2" movie, whch
plays a major role in the movie, by unknowingly saving all the
animals, everybody's role is of significance irrespective of how
small/minor it is.
- Separation of concerns. We have to play multiple roles simultaneously.
And as mentioned above, our objective should be to play all these
roles they best way we can. And to do this we have to keep them all
separated, without allowing any role to influence any other role in
any ways.
- Detachment. Once you step out somebody else will step in and all that
you were because of the role that you played, is gone. You should be
ready to accept this fact. You should realize that all that you are
getting as part of playing the role will not be available once you
cease to play your role and that you should not try to hold onto those.
There will always be cases when you'll find a person who can play the
role better than you, and then you should righteously give way to him.
- Relentless pursuit of perfection. Perfection is ideal and it can never
be achieved. And that's the reason why
For every Sampras there is a Federer,
For every Gavaskar there is a Sachin,
For every Newton there is an Einstien,
So individuals should strive to push the limits to reach perfection in
whatever they do.
- Just like most of the plays/stage which have a happy ending, will there
be a time when every individual will be happy? Will there be a time when all
the bad roles transform into good roles and there will no longer be any bad
- Why attribute success to a single individual and honor/appreciate/recognize
/appreciate only him/her, when there are lot of people involved in it? Is
it because all of them cannot be praised, because humans dont want equality,
because an individual would be happy when he is shown as above the rest? Is
it because he/she has set an example, and doing this would inspire others
to follow him/her? But should you make people to work for recognitions than
work for work itself?

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Another story on GMR

Sometime back I had written on my blog about the
GMR Group. It seems to be growing very rapidly...and I hope the GMR group becomes as big as the Reliance group.
As per this article on rediff

Rao, who owns a 79% stake, is worth $2.2 billion, enough for him to debut at No. 18 on Forbes Asia's third annual list of India's 40 Richest.

Friends Map at Orkut

I didn't notice this until today. Orkut provides a nice friends map using Google Maps.
That is mine (For some reason no one is showing up in India :-()

Friday, December 01, 2006

The amazingly cool WII

The newly introduced Nintendo Wii (pronounced as We) is an amazingly cool innovation.
I am not one of those guys who is into gaming, but the other day when I saw people
trying it out at the Valley Fair Mall in San Jose, I couldn't stop myself from trying it. I played boxing and
it was as if you were really in the ring and were fight with an opponent to knock him down. No more key combinations or press-buttons...Just swing your arms and body and
it recognizes the motion of the body and also the pace of the motion and reacts
accordingly. I think this is a revolutionary technology.
The last time (remember I am not into gaming) I was amazed, was when I got a jerk/sth
of the sort of a shock when I held the Playstation controller in my hand, and when
I hit my car with sth while playing the NFS sort-of game. I am talking abt the
feeedback and this was like 4-5 years back. But looking at it now, I get the thought..."but isn't that very basic and simple".

The crazy Vista story

I am not sure if I have heard it properly ...but I remember hearing to the radio
that Vista was a 50,000 man year project. Isn't that crazy...but that's what I
heard "10,000 people working for 5 years". (Yeah it does include every person involved
in the effort: the developers, the testers, the program managers, the UI experst and
the other higher-ups). I dont know anything abt what's new in the Vista, but I do
know that it's not just the OS, but there are lot of other products like the entire
office-suite, but still I cant convince myself that it would take such a looooooooong time. But the following blogs seems to point that it could be true:-

I am still trying to find out a written evidence for it.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Purpose of Life - Background

"The purpose of life is to live a life of purpose"

I found it as one of my friends' signature. I dont know what it really means :-),
but there's sth to it that makes it interesting.
I think I am at a stage in my life (almost everybody goes through it) where I have
to question my existence. Questions like: Who am I? Why am I on this earth? What
should I pursue? How should I live? Has it got more to do than just 'I came, I saw,
I left' or will it be just 'I came, I left' (Can I see the the reality in my lifetime)?
are making sense to me. Should I trouble myself by bothering to answer all these
questions or stay happy/contended by being ignorant? I dont konw if I will be able
to answer them...but I am convinced that it's worth giving a try :-).

Does GOD Exist ???

The eternal mystery was/is troubling me. Is there somebody called GOD or
something of that nature who controls all our lives and actions. Do we really have
control on most of the things that happen in our life? Is there sth called destiny?
If so can we change our destiny? I am not wise enough to answer them...but how do
I march ahead? By making assumptions? What if my assumptions are wrong? Does it
REALLY matter whether I believe in GOD or not? I guess it will change the
whole perspective towards life. Because if you believe in GOD or sth of that nature,
you'll start accepting that you are JUST a cog in the wheel. An important thing
that seemed to support this (thiesm) is:-
- There are only a few things that are in our control. Because it's a big
inter-(connected/related) world, we are affected by even minor-minor acts of
somebody/sth living on some part of the world and similarly we affect others
who are totally unrelated to us.
- One thing is true...we come and we go (we take birth and we die). To me it seems
to be safe to assume that we REALLY dont have any control on these two aspects...
PROBABLY death might be a little in our hands, but not birth...because we dont
have any existence b4 we are born :-). If we think about death, the cause could
be a natural calamity, a natural death a sucide or a homicide. If it's a natural
calamity or natural death...there's nothing to point at. Let's think abt suicide
...why did I commit a suicde? there should be some reason for could
be a circumstance...then how did that circumstance is very likely
that some human is involved in the creation of that cirumstance...if so then can
I say that it were the actions of that human which caused me to commit suicide?
It could be even more complicated...There could be a big chain of humans and
their actions which as a whole made me commit suicide (Individually each of their
actions isn't significant enough to be the cause, but collectively it is)? So
isn't it true that all these people who are part of this chain have a say in
determining my death. But if I put myself into the shoes of one of these
humans....Did I really intend to do that? If I had known that a small action of
mine could cause somebody to commit suicide, why would I do that? Even if I had
known that it could produce such a result, it might not make sense from my point
of view to stop doing that, because the small action by itself is not wrong. Am I
to be blamed for this? At this point it makes sense to accept that I am not
responsible for my actions. Atleast I'll be happy that I am just doing what
I am being asked to do. The same reasoning applies for the
person subject of the homicide is directly responsible for my death. So do we
say that there's somebody called GOD who should be held responsible for all the
actions of all the humans? What about birth? Am I responsible for my birth?
Seems very funny :-) but I think this was the question that made the Hindu's
think of the concept of rebirth...the separation of soul and the body.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

An AI/NLP problem

I was just wondering if this could be possible:-
Using my blog (which includes all my blog posts) as the key to a
search engine, can I find all those persons who blog and
have a similar mindset/interests/thoughts like me.

Hindi is NOT our National Language

All these years I have been believing that Hindi is our National Language, because
that's what I remember I was taught when I was in school, I am not sure if it was
written in any of my texbooks. Thanks to Vikram, I came to know TODAY...that it's
a BIG myth that we are carrying around in our mind. I am unable to accept that
something as simple thing as this could be tampered with. It makes me think how
many such fallacies and myths I am having in my mind. Will I get a chance to correct
all those things or I'll have to take them to my grave? Whom should I blame for this?

Monday, November 27, 2006

National Public Radio (NPR)

The best radio that I have come across.
If u are in the bay area you can tune into 88.5 FM, which is the KQED-FM.
Their non-intrusive way of advertising, the worldwide (BBC news at 9 pm),
and the daily morning biz news and the "Perspective", have been really
Here are the timings of some of the good programs:-
- BBC world news at 9pm (daily)
- "The perspective" at 7.30 am (daily)
- "Commonwealth club of California" 8 pm (every friday)
- "The voices this week" at 7.05 am (every sunday)
will keep adding to this list as I found more.
Check out the link for details.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The flipside of Rules

Rules are created with a purpose/objective. But unfortunately as time progresses the
rules themselves become the objectives and the original purpose itself is forgotton.
And the enforcers of these rules forget that the rules are to be verified/applied with
the original purpose in mind. Lest the rules might become blind-faiths. So it is
necessary that the rules are evaluated regularly to see their applicability with the
time. It would be great if the authority which judges the compliance with the rules,
takes into account the original objective, because there might be many cases wherein
one can violate the set rules but still be achieving the original objective.
The other problem with rules is that they are sometimes created for avoiding
(mis/ab)use of some things by miscreants...But at the expense of the righteous
persons losing thier right. Take the following scenario:-
My college had intially computer labs open throughout the night. There were people
who were using it for education and there were other who were misusing it. The
authorities came to know abt this and they put in the rule of closing the labs in
the nights. So all those people who were actually using it lost their right to

Monday, November 20, 2006

Sanyaasa - The fourth and final stage of Hindu life

I am impressed by the way Wikipedia describes the Sanyaasa stage of hindu life:-

Having succeeded in overcoming all sensual affections and desires, and in acquiring perfect equanimity towards everything around him, the hermit has fitted himself for the final and most exalted order, that of devotee or religious mendicant. As such, he has no further need of either mortifications or religious observances; but with the sacrificial fires reposited in his mind, he may devote the remainder of his days to meditating on the divinity. Taking up his abode at the foot of a tree in total solitude, with no companion but his own soul (jiva), clad in a coarse garment, he should carefully avoid injuring any creature or giving offence to any human being that may happen to come near him. Once a day, in the evening, when the charcoal fire is extinguished and the smoke no longer issues from the fire-places, when the pestle is at rest, when the people have taken their meals and the dishes are removed, he should go near the habitations of men, in order to beg what little food may suffice to sustain his feeble frame. Ever pure of mind he should thus bide his time, as a servant expects his wages, wishing neither for death nor for life, until at last his soul is freed from its fetters and absorbed into the atman, the impersonal self-existent Brahman, or else returns to dwell with Brahman experienced as the personal Deity.

Sunday, November 19, 2006


I never thought I would be so dependent on the Internet. These days it's like I am in a solitary confinement (in my apartment) and my laptop (Thinkpad T60) together with
the internet is my window to the outer world :-). Internet has become the 4th basic
necessity of my life (apart from roti, kapda and makaan). Look at the ways I am using it:-
Chatting :- Yahoo Messenger, GTalk, Gmail
Phone, Conf call :- Yahoo Messenger, Skype
Shopping info: Froogle,
Driving directions: Google Maps, Yahoo maps
Search: Google, Wikipedia,
Apart from these the other things that I use the net for are recipes, movies, blogging , internet radio etc.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The OLPC Project

Here's the link for the pics of the working prototyp of $100 laptop,
which is part of the One Laptop Per Child intiative.
And here's the link that shows the current adoption/interest by
the countries:-

The Hindu

My favourite newspaper is "The Hindu". One of things I was thinking of when coming
over to US was that I would be missing reading it every morning. But recently I
realized that I can read it in the same print format online. The subscription is
free for first the first 3 months.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Computer History Museum

Finally got a chance to visit the one of it's kind Computer History Museum, situated
in Mountain View. It's really worth a visit. It had a collection of old machines ranging from the Abacus to the Blue. To mention some of them: Abacus, Difference Engine, DEC PDP1, System/360, ENIAC, UNIVAC, Apple Mac Workstation, Altair 9000 (that created the PC revolution). You could also see the huge Hard Disks (the platter of which is around 3 feet in diameter). I was just there for over an hour. It makes me visit again. Will fill up this space with more info.

My Cricbay profile

I have become a part of the cricket-playing community of the Bay area :-)

Monday, October 23, 2006

Universe as a state machine

Was reading this book "Things a computer scientist rarely talks about" by Donald E. Knuth. In the book he ponders
about the existence of God and whether the universe is deterministic. He also mentions
the possibility of the Universe being a big state-machine. Or is it a huge cluster of
state-machines interacting with each other. If that is the case then SUPPOSING we
get to know the transition rules of the state machines then it could be possible to
predict our future :-). This makes me think of astrology and the art of prophecy. In astrology (AFAIK) the future is predicted on the basis of the positions of the stars
and other celestial bodies. And astrology is an old science. So long time ago itself this question had occurred to those founders of astrology, that can we predict future? And they tried to answer that.

Sunday, October 22, 2006


Didn't ever expect that people could be so good. Vinod and I were going to the
Diwali party at Sunnyvale Temple and it was very crowded with all the Indians present
in the bay area making their appearance. For around 15 mins we couldn't find a
place to park and then there was this young mexican guy who saw us struggling and
guided us to a parking place near his house and wished us Happy Diwali. After we were
back from the party at the parking place this guy was still there and we thought he's
looking for making some money out of this opportunity. The way he was being courteous
and helpful we thought we were pretty sure about his motives. Otherwise why would
someone at that hour (it was past 11 in the night) stay out and help people. When we
offered him money he rejected and just bid us adieu. I was amazed. He would have felt
bad, afterall we took it in the wrong way. It's sad that we are moving away from that
kind of behavior to one where every action of ours has some kind of selfish motive.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

A nice parable

This is a humorous parable written by Raymond Smullyan. Makes me think about the following things:-
- Belief in God (I am an athiest though)
- When we are doing something are we really doing something, or are we just acting
to the script written by somebody?
- For some time I used to think that Reason should be the basis of all your actions,
but that shows my ignorance. There seem to be lot of things in this universe for
which there are not yet reasons.

WorldWide Catalog

Came across this largest online catalog of books, linking all the libraries worldwide.
It helps me in finding for books/videos/magazines etc. in my local libraries. This will
be very useful to me considering the fact that I dont have my own medium of transport and the public transport system here in the bay area is not good. So I would only go to the library if the book is available.
Found that currently libraries from only a few countries were linked. And there is not
even a single library from India :-). Currently, there are
over 10,000 libraries connected.
I was initially thinking when would Indian libraries have a similar kind of step. Wait are there any community libraries at all India? Except for the bigs cities and that too may be a couple of libraries in them. The situation is pretty bad :-(

Blogger Beta

Blogger has come up with a beta, which includes some good features like:-
- Publish thru Email
- Enhance inline blog content editor.
- Setting up feeds (I am not sure if this was earlier there)

Visit Blogger Beta Tour

I hope I will soon migrate to it.

Friday, August 18, 2006

It's raining marriages

This season (from Jan - Aug 2006) the number of marriages that I have attended reached
14...a big number.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Rahul in Person

Today I had the oppurtunity of seeing Rahul Dravid in person for the first time. He was at Tirumala Music Center (TMC) Begumpet as an ambassador of Samsung. Good no. of people
had come to see him. People wished all the best to him and the Indian team for the coming world cup (2007). He was as usual reticent and didn't even entertain any questions from the press persons. Unfortunately I didn't carry a camera, else this was a wonderful chance of capturing him. Have been looking for a long time for this oppurtunity and today was the time.

Biking to Anantagari

Couple of weeks back my brother and I went to a place called Anantagiri on Bike. It's a small hilly jungle, around 80km from hyderabad, near vikarabad. It's a nice place for trekking, though completely neglected. The ride was very good as it's along the
highway and the climate was cloudy and windy. We trekked a bit but there was lot left
to be explored. Check out the photos here:-
Anantagiri photos

Monday, April 17, 2006

Shirdi Travel Diary

Shirdi Travel Diary (13/04/06 to 16/04/06)
Sunil, Anil annayya, Aunty (Sunil's mother), viji annayya
and myself had planned for a trip to Shirdi and finally we
made it.

I boarded the Manmad (Secunderabad to Manmad) express at Begumpet station, on
which Sunil and Aunty were also there. They came from vizag to hyderabad today

Got down at Nagersol (which is around 2 hrs from Shirdi) at 7.30 in the
morning. On-board the train we befriended another two telugu familiies who told
us all about what are the formal procedures to get the darshan, where to stay
and what all places to visit near by. From Nagersol we all took an omni (these
are quite popular here, most of them fitted with LPG cylinders, I guess it
makes them quite economical) and reached Shirdi. Went to Bhakt Nivas (the
trust-owned hostel for the piligrims) and found that it would be difficult to
get a room there, as this was a long weekend and so the no. of piligrims who had
come was large. So booked a room in one of the private lodges. Shirdi is
a small place (in the Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra), rather it's a village
in-transition. As it is evident that a period of transition is turbulent, same
is the case over here. Probably in another 3-5 years it will be as good as
Tirupati, but you cant beat the climate thing.
Refreshed ourselves and went to Baba's temple for the Darshan. Owing to the
big rush we had to wait for 2 and 1/2 hours to get the darshan. Returned to
our lodge-room, and Anil annayya and Viji annayya dropped dropped in. They
were coming from B'lore. They both went for the darshan and they were lucky
to get it in no time. All of us then took an Omni and went to Shani Shingnapur
(a place where the temple of Shani (god) is located, 75 km from Shirdi). Did
some drama there and came without doing the usual formalities as the people
there were trying to take us for a ride. Came back and collapsed on our beds
in the lodge room.

Today was an eventful day as we embarked on our trip to Aurangabad, which
is around 150 km from shirdi. Took an Omni at 8 in the morning from Shirdi.
On the way we visited the hanuman temple near Ellora and also another shiva
temple which had one of the 12 jyotirlingas. We then headed to Ellora Caves:
the best part of the entire trip. It was amazing how they carved out huge
mountains into caves and temples. There were 34 caves in total and we didnt
have enough time to see all of them. The caves were built between 5th and
11th century AD and it was evident as some of the carvings had withered out.
On the way had a cursory look of the state of the farming community in
Maharashtra and the general atmosphere. Farms were very big compared to the
same in my home place. Grapes,Sugarcane,Onion and cotton were the major crops.
The look of the houses indicated that the farmers were not really well-off
but then most of them ( I guess almost all the families) had bikes, (I could
spot lot of Rajdoots and could hardly find a scooter). Further there were
DTH antennas atop houses. Elder people had to wear Topis, dhoti and kurtas
all in whites. Marathi uses the same script as Hindi (Devanagari) and can
be quite easily understood if you know Hindi. Dr. B.R. Ambedkar is quite a
popular figure over here and all the parties exploit his image by having
the picture of this great Indian along with their party leaders on the
From there we went to Aurangabad, where the Bibi-ka-Makbara is located. It's
a look-alike of Taj Mahal. Aurangzeb used to shift his capital from
Delhi to Aurangabad. On the way saw the Daulatbad fort from the vehicle.
Would have been nice if we had explored it, but it was not part of the
itinerary. Also saw an 18th century engineering work called the "PanChakki" a
water mill which still works. The water is routed through canals to this place (
covering a distance of 6km) and it is siphoned up creating a waterfall at
this place and the same water rotates the turbine of the mill. Enroute we saw
big mountains which looked like those in Grand Canyon. I was wondering that
these would be ideal for rock-climbing.
It was 7 in the evening by the time we reached Shirdi. Strolled along the
temple and market and did some shopping and retired in our room.

Got up at 5.30 in the morning as we had to visit Nasik and from there to
Manmad and catch the train back to Secunderabad. Anil annayya and Viji Annayya
left at 6 to catch the bus to Pune as they had to be in Bangalore the next
day. After vacating the room, we boarded a bus to Nasik. Nasik is considerably
big city. Nasik is quite famous for its onions and we could see big onion
fields on the way. Sugarcane was another major crop for Marathi farmers. All
along the route there were grape farms and we could see plenty of grape clusters.
Bought and had enough seedless grapes as they were pretty cheap.
By 10 we were in the Nasik bus station. From there caught a Maharastra
RTC bus (red bus) to Triumbakeswar (30 km from Nasik). The temple of the three
gods Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva is quite a famous one and an important place to
visit in Nasik. There was a big queue at the temple and we had little time
so we did not venture in to stand in the queue and wait for the darshan of the
idols. Instead we just appreciated the beauty of the temple from outside. The
temple is very good, particularly the way the pillars were carved out, showed
the calibre of the artists and mostly it was still intact. Also Triumbakeswar
is the birth-place of Godavari, went there but didn't have much to see except
for a pool of water and people bathing in it.
We immediately caught the bus to Manmad at the new Nasik bus station at 1 PM.
By 3.30 PM were in Manmad. Manmad is a very old town: the pitiable state of
the bus station reflected this fact. Our train was to leave Manmad at 5.30.
After having lunch at one of the hotels went to the station and boarded the
Manmad express there.

It was 9 by the time we (Sunil, Aunty and myself) alighted at the Begumpet
railway station. There ended our 3-day trip to Shirdi. In all I had visited
the 3 districts : Ahmednagar, Nashik and Aurangabad. Except for the trip to
Nasik in which most of our time went into the journey everything else was
good. Elloras were amazing and surely the best part of the trip.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Ruthless Life

I knew that life could be as ruthless as this, but never saw it through my
eyes. Recently I met the mother of one of my friends and realized how tough
it could be. She had been on the bed for close to two years and for these
two years she could not move any of her body parts, except for opening the
mouth, slight movement of the neck and eyelids. It's a very difficult situation
where you can see, listen and probably understand what others are doing/saying,
you want to reply or do something but you cannot. With difficulty I could
control myself from shedding tears. I can only imagine how traumatic it would
be to go through such a hellish situation.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

GMR Group

It gives me a sense of pride watching the television commercial of GMR
(which is into Energy and construction (airports and roads)).
This is the group which has roots in my own district Srikakulam and around
20 km from my village. It makes me think about the amount of oppurtunities
(in terms of employment) generated. I have great regard for industrialists,
because they are the one who generate wealth, employment, pay taxes
(directly and/or through their employees) to the government and this is what
the public servants/politicians feed on.
There's a sugar factory, because of which I guess sugar cultivation in the
region would have taken a big leap ( I dont have concrete proof of this, but
certainly it would have given a fillip) . This GMR group has also built a
state-of-the art engineering college in my home-town making higher-education
accessible to students residing in smaller towns and villages. (Ofcourse,
there are other socio-economic reasons why these educational institutions
are not able to create an impact).
I have all the reasons to hail these people whatever be the actual intent
behind doing all this be as long as significant no. of people are benefited
because of this.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Dravid and Tendulkar

One of the recent issues of Sportstar carried a cover feature on these two Goliaths
of Indian cricket of their time, on the occasion of each of them reaching a milestone of their career: Sachin becoming the most capped Indian Test cricketer (132) and Dravid playing his 100th Test, Mumbai Test against England, March 2006. It quotes Shakespeare :
"Some are born great and some achieve greatness..."
Talking about Dravid, S. Ram Mahesh writes:
"He was grudgingly awarded greatness. Even there it was not a greatness easily
bestowed - his was supposed to be a greatness good batsmen "could aspire too".
A greatness that was paradoxically both easier and more difficult to attain than
Tendulkar's. Easier because you didn't need genius hardwired in your DNA to take you there; more difficult for precisely the same reason.".

Sunday, February 19, 2006

The suicides have crossed 300 but the sensex has reached the 10000 mark.

"The suicides have crossed 300 but the sensex has reached the 10000 mark too."

Those were the closing lines of an article in "The Hindu" about the pitiful state of
the cotton growers of Vidarbha. The no. of suicides have been increasing year after year.
The above lines give the true picture of India. On one side the country is advancing
at a rapid rate and on the other side it is degrading at an equal or probably even
more rapid rate.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

SBI Connected

The branch of State Bank of India near my village (SBI Vizianagaram Cantt. branch)
is now connected to the rest of the SBI network. That's where I had taken my
education loan from and to which I have been repaying all these years by taking a D.D and then sending it via Post or courier. As a result of this change I can now pay
the loan at any of the branches in Hyderabad and further I can get the information
about the same account from any of these branches. Hope I can electronically transfer
the money to this Account. How simple it has become.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Hi-Tech City Station

This happened some 2 years back. It was when MMTS (Multi-modal trasport
system was just introduced in Hyderabad). Three of us Sarath,Torture Srikanth
and myself had to go to IIIT. I suggested we board the MMTS train
at the Nature-Cure hospital (in Ameerpet, the place where we used to stay
immediately after we were out of college) station, and we can get down
at the Hi-Tech city station, and from there take an auto to our college.
Little was I aware that the station named Hi-Tech city was no close to
Hi-Tech city. When we alighted at the station, we could only see the Hi-Tech
city building at a long distance. That station was actually in KPHB IV phase.
Not knowing how to reach there, we asked a bus-driver. He too was surprised
by our question (or rather ignorance) replied pointing us towards the
Hi-Tech building :- "Just walk along the rocky stretch." It was some 3-4 kms
as the bird flies and there was no path. I was wondering why the heck did
they name the station as "Hi-Tech City".

But today there's a tar-road well illuminated exactly the way the driver
had suggested. (The road's not yet complete though.) Probably this was the
reason they called the station "Hi-Tech City". But it is sorry to find that
the MMTS hasn't really been a hit and so some of the trains during the
non-peak hours have been cancelled recently.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

My Village is connected

I can now use my Airtel cellphone from my home in my native village (Tampatapalli Village, Palakonda Mandal, Srikakulam District). I noticed this while I went there to celebrate Pongal.
It was already connected by BSNL and Reliance.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Sheer Nonsense

I dont wanna stay here what the heck am I doing here when the
world around me is running like crazy folks under the sun with no hood to stand by the lane and cros
s the hell with little support with whatever heck can they contributing to the immense press
ure of the societal obligations with the family and the rest going to surrender to the pressure of t
urmoil because of unrest, protesting to garner enough support to raise a hell on the issues confront
ing the nation with little respect for the peace of the masses actually obliged to hear from the wel
l known guys foreleading the charge of waging a war against the holy king under the faith unsurmount
able, epilepsy cornering everybody blue with despair.