Tuesday, August 03, 2004

One Reason why I would wish to lose my bachelorhood
Writing out of anguish...that we (the so called "BACHELORS") had to suffer
to fulfill one of the three basic amenities of life (" roti, kapada aur makan").
There might be very many good reasons why a bachelor would love
to lose that tag...It could be due to the basic instinct, or could be _fill_,
but what I felt the most driving one was the need to find a makAAn. I dont
know how many of our friends would have endured it but... we certainly had
enough of it. Not once but twice....and not too sure...how many times in future
before I settle with a girl besides me. Well the story starts like this:
It all started when we were to be kicked out of our hostels. We thought
we could easily find one..but nay said the God. The hunt for the house started.
Factors being : cost, space, water availability, ventillation, location suitable for
everyone, a good owner who was allow BACHELORS and the last but not the
least...good beauty (i hope u get what I mean) around. (We soon came to realize
that the before last factor was of prime importance). We had to compromise
on many things later just because of that inadvertently attached tag to us .
Luckily after some serious hunting...could locate a few prospective ones.
How come those owners ...who were for sure BACHELORS at least for
sometime in their past could be so wrathful. How can they forget those days
of yore where they were at the receiving end.
I dont know what is the situation there in Mumbai, Chennai, B'lore & Pune. Do
you guys feel the same kind of exploitation. why dont you give some name to this
kinda oppression.
Well I dont know if the people of the opposite sex too find the same problem.
Hope they dont....what say gals?