Friday, March 24, 2006

Dravid and Tendulkar

One of the recent issues of Sportstar carried a cover feature on these two Goliaths
of Indian cricket of their time, on the occasion of each of them reaching a milestone of their career: Sachin becoming the most capped Indian Test cricketer (132) and Dravid playing his 100th Test, Mumbai Test against England, March 2006. It quotes Shakespeare :
"Some are born great and some achieve greatness..."
Talking about Dravid, S. Ram Mahesh writes:
"He was grudgingly awarded greatness. Even there it was not a greatness easily
bestowed - his was supposed to be a greatness good batsmen "could aspire too".
A greatness that was paradoxically both easier and more difficult to attain than
Tendulkar's. Easier because you didn't need genius hardwired in your DNA to take you there; more difficult for precisely the same reason.".

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