Friday, July 23, 2004

    Recently went to Jammu for visiting the "Vaishno Devi" Temple. If at all there's one thing that I wont ever forget about this trip, that would the following event that happened with us.
Shows how kind people can be.
   While roaming around the hills of the villages Krimachi & Mansar, (Udhampur district) we
(my brother, cousin and uncle's son) were close to being lost, but luckily found a settlement.
The lady from one of the houses came out and helped us by all means. She even invited us
to have lunch at their home (not even knowing who we were and where we from, humanity
at it's best). Not just this lady, others were as much willing to treat us with utmost hospitality.
This touched me. Can we attribute to the race or region? I dont think we south indian people
aint that open & helpful.

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