Friday, July 09, 2004

Bhagat Singh : A Great Leader / Enterpreneur

Saw the movie "The Legend of Bhagat Singh" made by Rajkumar Santhosi in Muppi's PC at
home. I was so impressed by Bhagat Singh's and his abilities that I was so sorry about
myself that till this age of 22 I wasn't aware of what really Bhagat Singh was. At most
what I knew abt him was that he was a great freedom fighter who was hanged with another
two fighters Rajguru & Sukhdev on 23rd March 1931. And our history books too mentioned
only that point. But after watching the movie realized how significant a role that he
and the organization Hindustan Socialist Republican Association had played in getting
Independence to India.

If you have the notion that all these revolutionaries were pure head-strong guys who
were ready to take up any sort of activity, means to pursue their goal without being
rational then you are wrong. Go better see the movie or read the articles at

Will write more abt this later.

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