Sunday, December 18, 2005


I dont know when this meaningless greed for money will come to end.
Isn't what we get, enough for living? Why the heck do we need more,
when we get so much, when compared to other professions, when compared
to our previous generations? Dont tell me it's inflation. Actually it's
the other way. We are causing inflation.
I am seriously skeptic about some kinds of jobs in IT, whether they
are really worth getting paid so much for that kind of job. But it's
all economics. I was happy at that moment when I used to get just a
fraction of what I get now.
'Make hay while the Sun shines' shouldn't be applied here.
The whole idea of saving for the unpredictable future...stinks. Stinks
too bad when there's a major portion of the society which is still
struggling to make a living.
Are we so incompetent that we have to compare our capabilities/competency
on a scale of our paycheques.

Is this a negative side of the coin or is it an illusion?

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