Sunday, December 18, 2005

What a Family can do

Recently I came across two instances where the to and fro side of having a family was visible from close quarters.

1) In the movie "Cindrella Man", Jim Braddock, the protagonist resurrects like a Phoenix to come back into the boxing ring and win the world heavyweight championship, and the major reason being the need to feed his family. If he hadn't had a family probably he wouldn't have felt the impulse to come back.

2) This is about my school teacher, who was very close to me and had philanthropic thoughts at the time when I was in school. He was the one who had encouraged me during my higher secondary education through monetary support. (I wouldn't call it support, but the action did encourage me). After a long time I met him and I was surprised to see the changes in his perspective. Seems like marriage & family have taken its toll. The moment you have wife and kids you have to look after them and plan for your kids future and so you need money/property for your family. Only if you are blessed with enough money can you take some part of it and spend on the community.

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Santhosh said...

I'm under the impression that after all said and done, it depends on the kind of person you are and on your will, as to what you can accomplish.

No matter you have a family or not.

The critical resource is our will-power and imagination. Not money, time or anything else for that matter.