Monday, January 23, 2006

Hi-Tech City Station

This happened some 2 years back. It was when MMTS (Multi-modal trasport
system was just introduced in Hyderabad). Three of us Sarath,Torture Srikanth
and myself had to go to IIIT. I suggested we board the MMTS train
at the Nature-Cure hospital (in Ameerpet, the place where we used to stay
immediately after we were out of college) station, and we can get down
at the Hi-Tech city station, and from there take an auto to our college.
Little was I aware that the station named Hi-Tech city was no close to
Hi-Tech city. When we alighted at the station, we could only see the Hi-Tech
city building at a long distance. That station was actually in KPHB IV phase.
Not knowing how to reach there, we asked a bus-driver. He too was surprised
by our question (or rather ignorance) replied pointing us towards the
Hi-Tech building :- "Just walk along the rocky stretch." It was some 3-4 kms
as the bird flies and there was no path. I was wondering why the heck did
they name the station as "Hi-Tech City".

But today there's a tar-road well illuminated exactly the way the driver
had suggested. (The road's not yet complete though.) Probably this was the
reason they called the station "Hi-Tech City". But it is sorry to find that
the MMTS hasn't really been a hit and so some of the trains during the
non-peak hours have been cancelled recently.


Kalyan said...

That is what we call "Having a Vision".
Soon you can expect bus service to start between the MMTS Station and HITEC City.

Msk said...

The problem here is larger. Its not just the single MMTS station. Its more about the MMTS service that is running in the twin cities currently.