Thursday, January 26, 2006

SBI Connected

The branch of State Bank of India near my village (SBI Vizianagaram Cantt. branch)
is now connected to the rest of the SBI network. That's where I had taken my
education loan from and to which I have been repaying all these years by taking a D.D and then sending it via Post or courier. As a result of this change I can now pay
the loan at any of the branches in Hyderabad and further I can get the information
about the same account from any of these branches. Hope I can electronically transfer
the money to this Account. How simple it has become.


Santhosh said...

Can you post any such developments or photos of Vijaya(gajapathi)nagaram.

Good to hear that its pickup up

Anniyan said...

Lets hope that there will be flyovers in your village soon. :)