Thursday, November 30, 2006

Does GOD Exist ???

The eternal mystery was/is troubling me. Is there somebody called GOD or
something of that nature who controls all our lives and actions. Do we really have
control on most of the things that happen in our life? Is there sth called destiny?
If so can we change our destiny? I am not wise enough to answer them...but how do
I march ahead? By making assumptions? What if my assumptions are wrong? Does it
REALLY matter whether I believe in GOD or not? I guess it will change the
whole perspective towards life. Because if you believe in GOD or sth of that nature,
you'll start accepting that you are JUST a cog in the wheel. An important thing
that seemed to support this (thiesm) is:-
- There are only a few things that are in our control. Because it's a big
inter-(connected/related) world, we are affected by even minor-minor acts of
somebody/sth living on some part of the world and similarly we affect others
who are totally unrelated to us.
- One thing is true...we come and we go (we take birth and we die). To me it seems
to be safe to assume that we REALLY dont have any control on these two aspects...
PROBABLY death might be a little in our hands, but not birth...because we dont
have any existence b4 we are born :-). If we think about death, the cause could
be a natural calamity, a natural death a sucide or a homicide. If it's a natural
calamity or natural death...there's nothing to point at. Let's think abt suicide
...why did I commit a suicde? there should be some reason for could
be a circumstance...then how did that circumstance is very likely
that some human is involved in the creation of that cirumstance...if so then can
I say that it were the actions of that human which caused me to commit suicide?
It could be even more complicated...There could be a big chain of humans and
their actions which as a whole made me commit suicide (Individually each of their
actions isn't significant enough to be the cause, but collectively it is)? So
isn't it true that all these people who are part of this chain have a say in
determining my death. But if I put myself into the shoes of one of these
humans....Did I really intend to do that? If I had known that a small action of
mine could cause somebody to commit suicide, why would I do that? Even if I had
known that it could produce such a result, it might not make sense from my point
of view to stop doing that, because the small action by itself is not wrong. Am I
to be blamed for this? At this point it makes sense to accept that I am not
responsible for my actions. Atleast I'll be happy that I am just doing what
I am being asked to do. The same reasoning applies for the
person subject of the homicide is directly responsible for my death. So do we
say that there's somebody called GOD who should be held responsible for all the
actions of all the humans? What about birth? Am I responsible for my birth?
Seems very funny :-) but I think this was the question that made the Hindu's
think of the concept of rebirth...the separation of soul and the body.


Santhosh said...

For now, I believe GOD is an obvious but intelligent human invention.

Like any piece of knowledge that is double-edged, we should be careful in using such a concept.

I believe, one who has enough self-confidence to live by, such a concept of GOD is not required.
However, its a nice talisman for the rest.

I dont care if GOD exists or not as long as believing in it gets things done. :)

Atheists have long been tolerant. But now they are getting vocal too. I plan to read the recent best seller : "The God Delusion - by Richard Dawkins" some time soon.

dhiru said...

Exactly...that's what I think...GOD is
a intelligent human invention. But how
do you explain the thing called Destiny?
I heard abt that book...I read mixed reviews on it...but I guess it's worth
a read.
And how do you think that believing in GOD is going to help things done? Isn't that an illusion?

Mahesh said...

Definitely this is going to be an unending debate. Such debate is going on for ages...... believers and non believers of GOD have their own points always. So its just the perspective you view GOD as.
First define GOD! Who is GOD? What does he do?
Its not about dictionary meaning of GOD but what you feel GOD is all about. Each of us have their own opinion about GOD. Each religion also got its own opinion about GOD. Even athiests got their opinion about GOD. Probably each of them is equally true. Most people say, GOD is the one who creates, maintains and destroys everything in this universe. He is the ultimate. He owns everything in this universe. He is responsible for everything tht is going on in this complex world.
The same question discussed in this topic is also discussed by Swami Vivekananda on his great speech in chicago. He too asks the same question: If god is responsible for everything going on in this world, why only few people are having troubles? Why few of us are suffering more than others? If it is fate what defines, why their fate is not being decided by GOD? And why doesnt he give everyone whatever they wants? Listen to his speech once.

According to me, GOD exists. GOD is there everywhere. I believe that GOD is the power that is responsible for getting things done. GOD is a concept which is actually making things done. GOD is our subconscious mind. GOD is the part of our mind which actually gives us enough faith on ourselves to get things done for us. GOD is the power cloud of everyone around us who directly or indirectly effects our actions.

Long back I was sitting under SUN with similar question why we cannt see GOD if he exists. Suddenly I felt it soo hot and looked towards SUN. I couldnt even see for couple of seconds. Then I realized that SUN is also a GOD who give light to entire world and he is sooo far from us and we cannt even see him for a second from this far! In case he comes near us, how can we survive???? From then I never wanted to see GOD.

During my studies I couldnt understand many things in books! All those things are just created by man! If I cannot understand such simple things created by man, Then how can I understand or even think of understanding all this complex structures created by GOD. What we know is very less. Unless we know everything, we cannot understand and also it is impossible to know everything!

I feel that its not GOD who gets things for us. But FAITH. Let it be on GOD or self or on someone else, faith is the one which gets things done for us. If you believe GOD, your faith on him will make you do the things and get the things you need. If you believe on your self (Which is also a part of GOD !!) your confidence will get things for you.


dhiru said...

hi mahesh...
- Yeah that's true, if we have faith in ourselves, there's no need for believing in God.
- Other thing is about prayer. Even if
God is there, he shouldn't be influenced by prayers. So prayers dont make any sense.
- I dont believe in God, but I do believe that there are lot of things on which we dont have any control. I would say all those are circumstances. I dont want to think
about who is causing those circumstances, because that is of no help.
- Just do your duty - is the only philosophy.