Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Hindi is NOT our National Language

All these years I have been believing that Hindi is our National Language, because
that's what I remember I was taught when I was in school, I am not sure if it was
written in any of my texbooks. Thanks to Vikram, I came to know TODAY...that it's
a BIG myth that we are carrying around in our mind. I am unable to accept that
something as simple thing as this could be tampered with. It makes me think how
many such fallacies and myths I am having in my mind. Will I get a chance to correct
all those things or I'll have to take them to my grave? Whom should I blame for this?


Santhosh said...

But the central govt. has been and will promote Hindi as a language to unify all rather than English. How ever, non-Hindi speakers have no big incentive for taking it up, when compared to English.
There are many such things we are conditioned to believe in.
A statement is made "truth by repeated assertion".
Can you guess what Pakistan is teaching to its children, who later grow up believing them to be true ?

The burden of realizing the truth is upon us. So one really cannot blame the system and go to bed.

dhiru said...

I dont agree with ur last sentence.
It's a fact and sth as basic a fact like this shouldn't be mutilated.
So, as per you, you want me to go and re-learn every small thing that I have
learnt from my kindergarten, and verify its authenticity. If that is
the was a waste to go thru all that education.